On-Demand Webinar: Developing SAPUI5 apps from your favorite browser

Neptune UX Platform enterprise mobile apps

Developing SAPUI5 apps directly from your favorite browser with the Neptune App Designer

The browser based Neptune App Designer is the new way of developing SAPUI5 apps – directly from your favorite browser. All the existing ease of use plus exciting new features to make development even faster.

This is from developers, for developers!


  • Multi-tabs Editor: Jump from any Event, to the ABAP, the App Preview, HTML Header
  • App Preview: how your app looks like directly while you are coding
  • Class Builder: Display your ABAP source code
  • Show Data Flow: Display data between frontend and backend in a visual way
  • Forward navigation, Click-to-Edit and more
This webinar was held by the development team at Neptune Software and is open to anyone interested in SAP ABAP Fiori application development using NetWeaver 7.x all the way to S/4 HANA.

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