Customer Success: Want to Track Your Priceless Collections? See How Sotheby’s New York Does It.

Sotheby’s is a fine arts auction house in business since 1744. All property that comes through the building is touched by Neptune in some way. Sotheby’s has a very dynamic environment where their items go up for sale on a scheduled basis. As items move from their warehouse to their galleries, they need to scan them into those new places. Importantly, they need to be able to know where anything is at any given point in time.

“The offline capabilities that Neptune gives us allows our art handlers and technicians to perform their jobs in an uninterrupted fashion. They can go into the areas where there’s no Wi-Fi coverage, scan all the items they need to and when they return to Wi-Fi coverage they’re able to upload those changes into our backend SAP system without interruption,”  Rich Stubits, Sr. Applications Analyst IT, Sotheby’s.

“One of the huge benefits of Neptune software is the fact that any organization can utilize their ABAP talent to develop robust mobile solutions, so it required very little training. The developers were able to learn Neptune quite fast, and thus it really helped us to onboard the team quite fast,” Alex Trosman, AVP Sr. Manager Sothebys’s.

Rich Stubits, “Neptune has allowed us to use new Android devices that are extremely reliable and have very robust capabilities. The time that I spend supporting this new Neptune solution is next to nothing compared with our prior solution.  We’re using Neptune extensively in our New York warehouse and plan to expand to our other warehouses throughout the world.”

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