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Supply Chain Management Solutions

Modernizing your Supply Chain is a must and Neptune DXP is here to help!

Most companies today are still working with processes in their supply chains that are 15 to 20 years old. That’s an eternity in a world where technology is rapidly changing, leaving enterprises with decreased productivity compared to the competition that have a fully modernized supply chain management solution with mobile and digital processes and the use of new no-code/low-code platforms.

Companies that take critical steps to strengthen their supply chains with mobile and digital processes, especially user-friendly apps, see worthwhile benefits that make their enterprise more competitive –– benefits like reducing management time, saving money by going paperless, and ensuring real time visibility over all processes allowing for immediate changes when needed.

This white paper shows the benefits of using a low-code toolset to help bring your supply chain management solutions to the next level.

You’ll read about: 

  • Real-life success stories from Johnson and Johnson, Rust-Oleum, Birkenstock and CertainTeed
  • Examples of the benefits of using Neptune DXP to digitize your supply chain
  • How to ‘low-code/no-code’ rapidly and at scale rather than how to code best
  • How to build digital solutions that make users happy while reducing project timelines and costs
  • How Neptune easily and fast optimizes SAP supply chain processes and makes Fiori a breeze for you

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