Business Improvements to SAP ERP Retail Logistics Processes

Our partner Zag was engaged by one of New Zealand’s leading retailers to work with them to deliver business improvements to their SAP Retail logistics processes (ERP). These improvements included the delivery of a mobility solution.

The client’s requirements were not limited to mobility. They also included process automation and reporting. This discussion focuses on the mobility aspects of the overall solution and on our clients and our experience with Neptune Software.

The mobile solution results and the response from the end users has been very favourable. Since production deployment for their SAP Retail Logistics some 87,000 Deliveries and 660,000 Purchase Order line item receipts have been processed in SAP via the Neptune mobile solution.

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Zag Limited: With one of the country’s largest teams of SAP consultants and unmatched depth and breadth of skills, Zag is trusted by SAP customers throughout Australia and New Zealand to provide expertise and deliver projects.

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