On-Demand Webinar: SAP Mobile Asset Maintenance made easy. See how a customer did it!

SAP Mobile Asset Maintenance with the MyPM Solution

SAP Mobile Asset Maintenance made easy for the Department of Conservation, who are now able to work remotely with no coverage


For companies having worked with various SAP ERP systems, today’s challenge of digital transformation means rethinking old processes and SAP app development, and making sure that a new user experience matches with the everyday handling of our current times.

Is your IT teams facing a challenge when it comes to SAP Mobile Asset Maintenance and how to modernize SAP processes for offline functionality? Then listen to our customer story, told by the Department of Conservation and how they needed to overcome working in the field from whichever location and maintaining new challenging machinery.

Watch this exclusive webinar session and learn about an easy to use, comprehensive and affordable solution -the “MyPM by Soltius”– for mobilising your SAP Mobile Asset Maintenance, developed inside SAP using the Neptune Software platform.

Key Topics that we will cover:

  • Easy to use Fiori user interface & UX
  • Offline functionality for remote areas
  • Configurable inspections
  • Geo integration for Google Maps and Esri
  • Asset management practices
  • ABAP as underlying technology
  • Standard SAPUI5 approach vs. accelerated mobile Fiori approach

See why these mobile SAP Fiori apps using Neptune Software work for the Department of Conservation and helped them to overcome their mobility challenges.  The MyPM solution was created in response to SAP customer demands and has been borne out of extensive experience in the maintenance and mobility space. Don’t miss out on key insights on how you can target functionality, make powerful inspections simple and above all use flexible technology options and your commonly available SAP and IT technical skills.

Today’s webinar host

Mike Hopkins – Team Lead SAP ERP for the Department of Conservation (DOC)

Mike has extensive experience in the capture and management of in-field data using handheld mobile devices, with nearly 20 years working within Asset Management roles. With the recently implemented Soltius MyPM, DOC is now in their 4th generation mobile asset management tool for SAP PM. Mike will share insights into the successful implementation of this comprehensive, user focused mobility solution, and the advantages and improvements DOC are experiencing due to their mobilization with MyPM.

Carl McGowan – Chief Architect at Soltius Australia

Carl has a wealth of experience deploying Asset Management solutions as well as mobility solutions around the world. As an electrical engineer, he has a special interest in the utilities sector although his work has allowed him to provide solutions in asset intensive, FMCG and service companies. Currently, he is focusing on building the Soltius brand Australia and taking the MyPM product to the world.

Steven Hoffmann – EVP Channel North America at Neptune Software

Steven is a high-impact executive with 30 year’s experience and a track record of success that includes senior level positions in both global multi-nationals and entrepreneurial start-ups. Throughout his career, Steven has worked at several industry leading companies; SAP, Syclo, Peapod and Symbol Technologies where he focused on sales activities relating to enterprise software with regards to mobility, e-commerce and professional services.

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