On-Demand Video: Neptune Software for Finance & Controlling – SAP Fi/Co Desktop & Mobile Apps

Discover Neptune Software for Finance & Controlling – Our Partner Propel UX showcases their Fi/Co Desktop & Mobile Apps


See in this summarized video how our Partner Propel UX created a suite of accounting apps – easily and fast done with the power of the Neptune DX Platform. In this on-demand webinar, you will be guided through 10 Applications (out of 26 total accounting apps) that show the best example on how to create SAP Fi/Co Mobile Apps with Neptune Software. All Applications are designed to be part of the Neptune Software launchpad but can also run on your generic Fiori Launchpad.  Furthermore, you’ll see that each app is customizable based on customer specific requirements.

Key Takeaways that will be covered:

  • Background Information on the Apps Suite
  • App Listing
  • Technical Prerequisites and Assumptions
  • Detailed App Walkthrough for 10 SAP Fi/Co Mobile Apps / Desktop Apps
Propel UX FiCo Apps

Watch NOW, to see how you can improve and facilitate your Financial App Development efforts and get to know how we can empower your users and elevate your apps to the next digital level.

Your Host – Meet our Partner Propel UX

Propel UX Fi/Co Apps

Propel UX – Neptune Software Silver Partner

Propel UX is a seasoned and versatile Neptune Software Partner with a track record of several successful “Neptune projects”. Their team of experts assist customers in every step of the Neptune Application Development process right from documenting user journeys to post go-live support. Propel UX is also a certified SAP Application Development Partner. Their certified Apps are listed on the SAP App Store. More Information about Propel UX can be found on our Partner Page.

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