Partner Interview with S5 Consulting – Fiori Apps IoT / Offline Printing / POS

In this video, Nicolay Wildhagen and our Silver Partners S5 Consulting share the vast possibilities available to you with your enterprise devices, implementing SAP offline Fiori apps with Neptune Software. Use Bluetooth to print offline to your POS systems or how IoT (Internet of Things) can take your Zebra devices to the next level. Get a sneak peek of the possibilities first hand in this video and see how S5 Consulting is clearly changing the game for our customers and providing modern and mobile app solutions – offline fiori apps, on desktop or mobile.

S5 Consulting 



  • Nicolay Wildhagen, SAP consultant at S5 Consulting

Key Takeaway:

  • Print and pay solution via barcode scanner
  • Offline printing through plug-in
  • Sensor Data

Topics Covered:

  • IoT
  • offline printing
  • POS systems

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