Partner Success: S5 Consulting – Leveraging IoT and Fiori to Supercharge SAP

To leverage IoT successfully – what does that mean for companies and key user? A lot of enterprises are still struggling with developing meaningful mobile and web apps, but our partners aren’t one of them.

Since partnering with Neptune Software, S5 Consulting is able to show the full benefits of a mobile app strategy. In this video, Nicolay Wildhagen broadcasts how they leverage IoT and Fiori in order to supercharge SAP. In addition, we see insights on mobility experiences and new solutions.

See how our partner realizes user simplicity and implements successful mobile app strategies for SAP clients. This can be done in days, not months thanks to the Neptune UX Platform.

See our partner interview with S5 Consulting for more infos.




  • Nicolay Wildhagen, SAP consultant at S5 Consulting

Key Takeaway:

  • Successful mobile app strategies
  • User simplicity

Topics Covered:

  • IoT
  • Fiori
  • Mobility

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