Customer Success: Fonterra unlocks real ROI by reducing waste with a Mobilized Maintenance Workforce

A Mobilized Maintenance Workforce starts with the right tools. But it also means measuring real ROI to justify the right tools. With a constant need to reduce fixed costs of Labour in Manufacturing, the typical response is to keep reducing budgets and see what happens from there.

Fonterra shows us how technology can enable you to beat the cost curve and tackle innovation heads on. He shares how they Measure ROI and how to build the Business Case based on a Strategy of Maintenance Labour Improvement (Tool Time), as well as the real-time ROI they get from Neptune Software, and the user data against the non-use control they got from their early pilot.

Presenting is Dan “Chuck” Norris, General Manager Engineering at Fonterra.

About Fonterra

Fonterra is the 5th largest dairy provider in the world and owned by around 10,000 farmers. A world leading dairy exporter from New Zealand – shaping the industry in quality and innovation. They share the goodness of dairy nutrition with the world through their brands, farming and processing operations across four continents.

Fonterra is working with our partner Zag Limited on their development and implementation projects.

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  • Chuck Norris, General Manager Engineering at Fonterra

Key Takeaway:

  • Real-time ROI
  • $3.08 million saving for the pilot alone
  • An engaged workforce
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