Customer Success: Retail with a complete SAP Fiori UX Desktop solution

Sebastian Andersson form Elkjøp Nordic, one of the biggest electronics retail stores in Scandinavia, describes their experience with Neptune Launchpad that enabled them to go live with a complete SAP Fiori UX Desktop Solution.

In addition, during the session he covered the topic of creating seamlessly links from the Neptune Launchpad to SAP ERP Retail, SAP F&R, JDA planograms and floor plans. Furthermore, the apps are facilitating and enabling the employees to know exactly the composition of their warehouse. Making this a productive and succeeding SAP Fiori UX Solution.



  • Sebastian Andersson, Nordic Retail Logistic Manager

Key Takeaway:

  • 9,000 happy employees
  • Serving +61 million customers
  • 197 million e-commerce customers

Topics Covered:

  • UX
  • Consumer electronics
  • Logistics
  • Fiori on Desktop

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