Webinar: REST APIs you won’t hate


Watch NOW ! REST APIs vs oData


In our latest tech session, our experts talk about why more and more developers are using REST API rather than oData for their mobile app development.

Watch this 30-minute Webinar and hear everything there is to know about REST API, REST API designer and everything related to the Neptune DX Platform. It’s not that oData is not good, but our tech team will show how the tooling is less than ideal for app development and therefore believe in the future of REST API to make it easier for your application development.

Key Takeaways that we’ll cover:

  • REST API Designer
    • how to build a REST API & Swagger documentation from an ABAP Class
  • Integration
    • REST API for SAP – The Micro Services Approach
  • Application Designer
    • how to consume multiple REST APIs in one single application

The latest updates on the DX Platform give you a unified experience for your entire ecosystem of applications and your Neptune Fiori apps alike. Don’t miss out how REST API is helping you to make your app development so much easier.

Watch now, to see how you can improve and facilitate your own Application Development efforts with REST API.

Meet your favorite DXP Experts

Christoph Garms: Pre-Sales Manager for Neptune Software Germany

Christoph is part of the interface between development and sales at Neptune Software. His team assists partners and customers from their first demo to implementation, to onboarding and expert training workshops. This experience gives Christoph a unique perspective to strongly support all Fiori development projects based on the Neptune DX platform.

There is almost no question he cannot answer, or problems staying unsolved – just give it a try.

Helder Goncalves: Global Pre-Sales Manager for Neptune Software

Helder has a long experience in SAP & 4 years hands-on experience at Neptune that have enabled him to reach a broad insight on enterprise mobility and its challenges. He is focused on taking up problems and building a solution, a strategy and an architecture to solve them, especially for our new customers.

He makes sure to welcome you on board of our Digital Experience platform … and for sure will take you to mobile app places that you have never dreamt of.

Have a look at our solutions pages for our Module – Planet 8  and our Module – Planet 9, to see what the Neptune DX Platform is capable of. You can also swing by our Neptune Community for any questions related to mobile App Development with our platform.

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