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PWA, Offline & Faster App Development using Application Building Blocks | How To Guide

PWA, Offline & Faster App Development is easier than ever before using our Application Building Blocks available through the Neptune DXP Store. Learn step by step how to build applications that include Chatbots and multiple API sources into Mobile and PWA that can work online and offline across any device (iOS, Windows and Android).

Watch this in depth video and learn how to build impressive mobile apps and PWA with all the features and functionalities you need, simply by using Neptune DXP for your enterprise app development and our brand new existing Application Building Blocks. 

For your reference, you can also check the individual parts of the video that you are more interested in below.

In order of relevance:

Tech feature: 

  • PWA, Offline & Faster App Development using Application Building Blocks


  • Helder Goncalves, Global Pre-Sales Manager for Neptune Software

Topics Covered:

  • Building Blocks Initial Usage
  • Binding UI to API Data
  • Setting the App for Offline
  • Bind Nested API
  • Deployment to Mobile and Testing
  • Mobile Scanning Demo
  • Offline Maps on Mobile
  • Chatbot building block Implementation
  • PWA Configuration and Testing

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