Overcoming usability challenges & creating mobile sales apps | Customer: BSN Medical

Knud von Breunig, Manager Omni-commerce and Mobile Solutions, outlines how Neptune Software enabled BSN medical to overcome a lack of usability of existing solutions in a very short time period which had been caused by strategic changes in the application and infrastructure environment. Hence they were finally able to create mobile apps that worked.

BSN had already noticed Neptune, one year later thanks to the convincing Neptune user experience, BSN is planning to move even more new desktop solutions in SAP, such as customer service and broaden their strategy to create mobile apps.


  • BSN Medical


  • Knud von Breunig, Manager Omni-Commerce and Mobile Solutions

Key Takeaway:

  • Deliver to business in very short time
  • Small budget investment
  • “No one received a training but it was very easy to use”

Topics Covered:

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Medical Services
  • Overhaul existing solutions

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