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Neptune DX Platform for SAP – the best features & functions

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The Neptune DX Platform is the ‘most-native’ app development platform for your SAP use cases. Our “Neptune SAP edition” can deliver individualized Fiori/UI5 applications within your familiar development environment – straight from within the digital core.

Join our tech team, and hear in this 30-minute video everything on the new release for our SAP edition (Planet 8 release 6.0) and discover the best features and functions to help simplify and speed up your Fiori app development.

Advanced layout and custom theming capabilities that provide maximum flexibility in designing pixel-perfect user experiences. These features adhere to the SAP Fiori 3 guidelines. We also feature new types of integration cards and provide an ABAP-based development approach to create new, data-driven integration cards at ease. And of course, our super Restful engine, the API Factory and see it being 9x faster than oData…

Key Takeaways that we’ll cover:

  • Neptune SAP Edition – New Features (Planet 8 v6.0)
  • Grid Layouts – Multi-dimensional grid layout turns cards into a responsible and compact way to provide more information
  • Tiles are now Cards – a new concept that gives developers a greater flexibility and full control over the rendering of the Launchpad
  • Integration Cards – powered by pure ABAP to let you focus on your content
  • Azure AD – facilitating moving from ADFS on Premise to Azure AD in the Cloud
  • PWA (Progressive Web Apps) – offline, pin-code, notifications, camera and geo location all available for Desktop & Mobile
  • iOS WK Webview – full compliance with the Apple Store new WK Webview, making your apps faster and rendering smoother
  • API Factory – rapidly expose business functionality such as ABAP reports, ABAP list views (ALV), and function modules as RESTful APIs

Learn about a complete new way to integrate with SAP using our Restful automated service. The API Factory provides a unique automation for REST API generation for ABAP ALV Reports, Function modules, Search Helps and Data Dictionary. All is possible without one single line of code or even configuration. And yes, we can also fully automate the generation of UI5 apps for any ABAP Report, regardless of being standard or custom. ZERO Maintenance needed, we do all the work for you.

Neptune SAP Edition

Neptune SAP Edition – New Features & Capabilities

All of the new features above and the fact that our platform offers a comprehensive toolset that is fully compliant with SAP’s technology strategy across the entire stack – from the database layer (SAP HANA) up to UX (SAP Fiori/UI5) – underlines our mission to deliver the most-native RAD platform for SAP-centric use-cases.

We want to empower ABAP developers to rapidly roll-out custom Fiori applications directly from within SAP’s digital core (SAP S/4HANA) and help Javascript developers create engaging digital experiences across systems and devices alike. Neptune DXP makes it straightforward and unobtrusive. More importantly, it allows our customers to use their existing in-house expertise to drive their digital transformation journey, on their terms.

Meet Your Neptune DXP Experts #NeptuneCrew

Morten Prom

Morten Prom: Chief Design Officer for Neptune Software

As a SAP User Experience Developer with experience from a range of SAP and non SAP web technologies, Morten is a developer with focus on both the visual presentation in the frontend, and ABAP development in the SAP backend. As CDO his focus is on making SAP and NON SAP systems user friendly. He has great experience with various web services, both SOAP and REST based API’s, and most recently through the SAP Gateway.

Helder Goncalves

Helder Goncalves: Global Head Go-To-Market for Neptune Software

Helder has a long experience in SAP & 4 years hands-on experience at Neptune that have enabled him to reach a broad insight on enterprise mobility and its challenges. With a extensive experience in Enterprise software development and mobility in tier 1 customers world wide, helder is enabled to reach a broad insight on enterprise mobility and its challenges. Focus on solutions, through building a strategy and architecture on a Multi Cloud environment.

Thomas Nor

Thomas Nor: Senior Product Developer for Neptune Software

Thomas has been working as an in-house SAP developer for large enterprises since the early 2000s in the Pharmaceuticals and Retail industry working with ABAP and Neptune in more recent years. He joined Neptune Software three years ago, and has been working with Support and Product development since.

Thorsten Wolf

Thorsten Wolf: Development Consultant for Neptune Software

Thorsten is an ABAP expert and development consultant at Neptune Software and works, outside of customer projects, mainly on the further development of Neptune Software’s SAP centric module. He inherited his passion for the ABAP world from his father and has continued to thrive on it. He completed his dual education in the field of business informatics with a bachelor thesis at SAP in Walldorf in Carsten Ziegler’s BRF+ development team.

Swing by our Neptune Community for any questions related to SAP App Development. You can find the latest Documentation Releases Notes here for version 6.0.

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