Planet 8

Support Package 5.3-5.5. – Neptune DX Platform for SAP – New and Improved UX


The Neptune DX Platform for SAP has reduced all requirements for a newer and better UX.

Watch this 30-minute Webinar on Planet 8 release 5.3. (up to releases 5.4 / 5.5) available features and capabilities around enhanced UX.  Our NEW Launchpad, custom layouts, advanced user documentation framework and much more – all available with a simple guided procedure that requires minimal effort with amazing outcomes.

Key Takeaways that we’ll cover:

  • Planet 8 Available Features in Version 5.3 / 5.4 / 5.5

  • Much Improved UX at no extra cost

  • How to Improve your UX without coding

  • How a better UX can change everything for your SAP system

Planet 8 Release 5.3 Features & Capabilities include:

  • Launchpad with restyling and advanced enhanced capabilities for easy corporate branding
  • The enhancement framework
  • Global Translation Tool
  • Custom UI5 components & upgraded documentation framework
  • All the Launchpad and Mobile Client Layout capabilities
  • Better and enhanced remote debugging for Desktop and Mobile

This update on Neptune DX Platform for your SAP systems (Module Planet 8 – SAP Edition) gives you a unified experience for your entire ecosystem of applications and your Neptune Planet 8 Fiori apps alike, as well a new flawless corporate identity in the form of a cockpit / launchpad with even more flexibility and features including an ABAP based RestAPI designer.

Watch now, to see how you can improve and facilitate your Fiori App Development efforts and reinforce your UX strategy!

Your Webinar Hosts

Morten Prom

Morten Prom: Chief Design Officer for Neptune Software

As a SAP User Experience Developer with experience from a range of SAP and non SAP web technologies, Morten is a developer with focus on both the visual presentation in the frontend, and ABAP development in the SAP backend. As CDO his focus is on making SAP and NON SAP systems user friendly. He has great experience with various web services, both SOAP and REST based API’s, and most recently through the SAP Gateway.

Helder Goncalves: Global Head Go-To-Market for Neptune Software

Helder has a long experience in SAP & 4 years hands-on experience at Neptune that have enabled him to reach a broad insight on enterprise mobility and its challenges. With a extensive experience in Enterprise software development and mobility in tier 1 customers world wide, helder is enabled to reach a broad insight on enterprise mobility and its challenges. Focus on solutions, through building a strategy and architecture on a Multi Cloud environment.

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