A Festival as seen from within – Key takeaways from the Neptune Software Festival 2019

With this year’s Neptune Software Festival we reminded our customers, partners and friends of our core vision – changing the game of Enterprise Development. We decided to go for something completely different and hosted our biggest ever Neptune event at SALT, Oslo, a nomadic art project with pyramidal constructions called “hesjer,” which are based on traditional coastal construction methods. Staging all presentations in a cozy tent-like auditorium and having typical Norwegian weather that day, more than 320 attendees created a true Festival atmosphere while overlooking the fjords of Oslo.

Bridging Business & IT

“Technology is a bridge – and we’ll be bridging business and IT in order for you to pick the best of breed of technology to stay ahead of your competition,” was Neptune CEO Andreas Grydeland-Sulejewski’s powerful message opening during the morning keynote. Co-Founders Ole-André Haugen and Njål Stabell then announced a full new spectrum of services available on the Neptune DX Platform 2019, sketching the journey of the platform from Low Code to Pro Code. “We started out with two laptops and our logo on them 8 years ago,” explained Njål Stabell, and the both went on to announce that Neptune will no longer be a pure Rapid Application Development Platform (RMAD), instead “we will release a new Pro Code solution to support all developers out there!” It is indeed a big step out of the pure SAP development focus, moving from pure UI5 with 40,000 NPM downloads to supporting frameworks like React and Vue with up to 110 Million NPM downloads in 2019 alone. “Bridging the gap between Business and IT, we need to support professional coders to become and remain the central platform for enterprise application development for our clients around the globe,” was the key vision statement of Ole-André Haugen during the announcement.

Digital Transformation or Digitalization?

Once again, our customers took the main spotlight at the Neptune Festival. And for the first time in Neptune Festival history it was not just success stories based on SAP Fiori, instead Oil & Gas expert Implico was presenting how they leverage the Neptune DX Platform in the Google Cloud, while German industrial utilities specialists from Infraserv Hoechst showcased their voice-controlled smart glasses for maintenance workers throughout industrial sites.

Another highlight of the Festival was the panel discussion on how to drive business innovation featuring decision makers from our global clients Elkjop, Whirlpool and Johnson & Johnson. It became clear during the discussion that technology is only a piece in the huge puzzle that is Digital Transformation. If you get your core technical toolset wrong, cultural change, and therefore change in work and team structures will have nothing to fuel on, in order to create digital products which in turn enable Digital Transformation. A clear statement given by all panelists was also: fail fast and not just say you are agile, but really be agile. The best proof that a digital product can change the life and work of thousands of people was given towards the end by the ‘Bloodmates’ project, an Indian not for profit group using a Neptune DX Platform mobile app to organize blood donations throughout their region.

Closing the Gaps, not just once a year

Bridging the Gap between Business and IT is not a quick win or a big bang project. Bridging those gaps and driving strategic Digital Transformation is a matter of digitalizing process after process, creating a new work culture around agile methods and cross-functional teams which will eventually drive new business models based on digital products and services. Neptune Software customers and partners are dedicated to this journey with the Neptune DX Platform as their strategic asset, bringing transformative ideas and services to life. We are proud of thousands of developers working on the next generation of Apps across the globe and we cannot wait to welcome everyone – customers, partners and those that are only starting out to get to  know what Neptune Software can do for their IT innovation at our next global event in 2020.

Neptune IMPACT Festival

About the Author  

Christoph Garms
Managing Director at Neptune Software Germany

Christoph is part of the interface between development and sales at Neptune Software. His team assists partners and customers from their first demo to implementation, to onboarding and expert training workshops. This experience gives Christoph a unique perspective to strongly support all Fiori development projects based on the Neptune DX platform.

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Neptune IMPACT Festival

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