A Mobile Solution for Healthcare

Developed by COMMON MS

Today challenges in the healthcare are mostly related to making effective use of health information technology, particularly at the community level and across traditional organizational boundaries. In this environment mobility can help improve the coordination of care and develop an effective “medical” model where patient and clinicians interact.

Smartphone and tablet devices are out-pacing PCs as the primary means for accessing email and internet and many healthcare organizations realize they must embrace the mobile channel to keep their patients and employees engaged. Today both employees and patients can use secured personal mobile devices to carry or access health information.

Electronic health information is here to stay. To improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, we need interoperable electronic health records and information management infrastructures that make information needed by caregivers for diagnosis and decision-making safe and secure.

We at Common Management Solutions are using our experience and capabilities to deliver the best value proposition for mobile solutions in Healthcare.

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