Why HR Apps are the Best Place to Start Digital Transformation Efforts

When it Comes to HR Apps, You Need a SAP Rapid Mobile Application Development Strategy

Human capital management solutions and other enterprise app development are often very complex. But it doesn’t have to be.

Low-code drag and drop designer and management platforms can simplify your SAP development efforts, giving your developers a sure-fire method to modernize your mission-critical SAP-based HR systems at a fraction of the cost…and effort.

But how do you know if low-code development is right for your enterprise app efforts? Is SAP Rapid Mobile Application Development the best approach? It’s easy. Think RACED.

RACED: What does that mean exactly? It’s simple.

To determine if low-code development can help you save time, money and operational headaches, consider:

  • ROI
  • ABAP Developers
  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Digital Transformation

A simple examination of your RACED factors can tell you if you need to adopt  low-code development – or rapid mobile application development as it is also referred to – into your enterprise app approach. With today’s acceleration of innovation happening across human resources [all industries], chances are the answer is YES.

ROI – You want to protect and maximize your investment in SAP back-end systems. [Especially those payroll services, time management, and travel expense apps that are the foundation of human capital management.] With a low-code and rapid mobile application development (RMAD) platforms designed specifically to create simple and complex SAP Fiori apps, you can leverage your existing SAP process, setup and hardware investment – no upgrades required.

The Neptune Software DX platform and the Planet 8 module is also backward compatible and future-proof on NetWeaver 7.0, S/4HANA and SCP – giving you even greater flexibility to maximize the ROI of your SAP investment.

ABAP DEVELOPERS  You want tools that help your ABAP developers quickly get up to speed with SAP mobile application development.  And you want to help them unleash their creative powers to develop amazing apps that delight your users, rather than spend months learning a new complicated development language. With low-code development solutions, developers can quickly prototype, build and deploy the modern apps that your uses are demanding, reducing development time by up to 80%.

Low-code development platforms like Neptune Software typically include pre-designed, process-based SAPUI5 apps and app templates, so you can get business-critical applications in the hands of end users faster.  These apps can be used instantly, or tailored to address specific business requirements.

And since it’s platform agnostic, optimized for the user experience, and built for immediate web and mobile use, your developers have even more opportunity to get apps in front of your users fast.

Another benefit? You also gain more dispersed development capabilities, enabling you to offload the simplified development to newer teams and free your ABAP resources to solve both heavy-duty back-end & front-end challenges that move your enterprise forward.

COST – You’re looking for a cost-effective way to bring apps online quickly, while greatly improving the user experience, collaboration with business units, and user satisfaction.

Because they speed development so significantly, low-code options facilitate increased collaboration with business units to ensure your solutions will delight your user base every time.

With Planet 8, you also gain he ability to leverage existing roles, authorizations, and hardware within your SAP environment stands to deliver significant savings for your enterprise.

EFFICIENCY – You want rapid mobile application development (RMAD) that’s tightly integrated with SAP – but doesn’t require additional SAP infrastructure investment. You’re committed to leveraging the award-winning design principles of SAP Fiori and SAPUI5, but in today’s fast-paced innovation cycles, you might not have the time or money to build the SAP Fiori apps you really need from scratch.

Instead, you can use a RMAD platform, like DXP, to design, build, deploy, and maintain Fiori apps in a fraction of the time it takes with other platforms—accelerating the delivery of all of your solutions, and providing a unified user experience across desktopmobile, and offline devices. These tools make it easy for you to build once, launch anywhere – across mobile, desktop and offline, and for 100 users or 10,000. Plus, they give you a highly efficient way to provide continuous delivery throughout the lifecycle of your applications, further showing your user base that their feedback and needs are taken into consideration.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION –  You need a solution that can extend beyond your SAP enterprise applications and help you drive digital transformation across other core systems throughout the business.

There’s no question that using low-code app development platform can help organizations consolidate the end-user experience with award-winning UX platforms such as that from SAP’s Fiori and OPENUI5. And putting the focus squarely on user experience gives you a cost-effective way increase user adoption and satisfaction and build better relationships with your business units. That’s important for organizations seeking to quicken the pace of innovation to stay competitive.

The need for digital transformation extends beyond SAP environment however, impacting every area of the business. And before they can truly tackle innovation and think about strategies, products or services that lead to industry disruption, today’s businesses need to consolidate and unify all the fragmentation that exists in IT after decades of growth and technology evolution.

That calls for a standardized development environment for all developers, which significantly reduces the risk associated with enterprise app development at scale. That’s where next-generation low-code development platforms just coming into market are focusing on, and where you need to be looking to drive you digital transformation efforts. And by leveraging APIs they’re designed to provide a standard, unified user experience regardless of what back-end system is driving the functionality (such like our new released DXP).

Think RACED. Think low-code to accelerate innovation in your enterprise.

Read the Market Guide for Rapid Mobile App Development Tools from Gartner for a comparison of RMAD product capabilities. 

Take Neptune Software DX Platform for a spin to see how it makes app development, deployment, and maintenance easier.

Key Takeaways

  • HR Apps are the Best Place to Start Digital Transformation Efforts
  • Enterprise app development is notoriously complex, but doesn’t have to be
  • Low-code drag and drop designer can simplify your SAP development
  • Think RACED
  • Leverage your existing SAP process, setup and hardware investment
  • Reduce development time by up to 80%
  • Solutions extend beyond your SAP enterprise apps and help you drive digital transformation

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