How to prioritize good UX and drive innovation & savings in your enterprise

How to prioritize good UX and drive innovation and savings in your enterprise


What is holding your company back from adopting good SAP Fiori UX? Cost? Expertise? Time? Uncertainty? … but why wait if others already succeed with it?

Watch this webinar presented by a seasoned SAP Solution Architect and his experience delivering long-term technical solutions using proven UX strategies for his companies and the challenges they face (and overcome) in a demand vs. supply world.

Key Takeaways:

  • New UI technologies
  • Benefits of early adoption & risks of delaying it
  • De-risk the jump to SAP S/4HANA
  • Best practices for using a low code strategy
  • Build skills and capabilities that have long-term benefits
  • Supply that fulfills demand
  • Standard SAPUI5 approach vs. accelerated Fiori approach with mobile functionality

Enterprises that use SAP systems must embrace mobility as a key strategy in today’s business world, so sign up now and learn how good user experience is fundamental to competing in today’s market, and more than just the simple word, “mobility”.

SAPUI5 and Fiori is the strategy to move forward with. Hear why!

Today’s webinar host

Nick Pennington – SAP Solution Architect

Nick is a SAP Professional with over 20 years of experience. Working in SAP since 1997 has provided him an extensive experience in all aspects of an SAP program life-cycle, with module-wide SAP functional and technical exposure including deep core ABAP skills.

As an SAP Solution Architect, he provides a line-of-sight from high-level to detailed design, implementation and deployment, especially for SAP Fiori UX. He has authored SAP Development Standards & Guidelines to allow best-practice technical assurance of all aspects of SAP development and managed teams who have assured implementation of the standards.

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