Customer Success: Fieldservice Inspections at HAUNI Koerber Solutions

Fieldservice Inspections at Hauni – from paper to digital processes

Finding the right mobile SAP CS solution for your company can be challenging. In this video, Siegurd Hilker presents the experience at Hauni when facing a mobile inspection in SAP – and their solution for a new modern Fieldservice Inspections process. To succeed, our customer Hauni took on the SAP Fiori Mobile Inspection task with the help of our german partner SD&C.

He showcases the transition from paper inspections to advanced mobile solutions, new and modern Fieldservice Inspections for Hauni’s workers. As a result, providing end users with a leading, time efficient machine inspection process they use with ease.

See the benefits an SAP Fiori add on can have to your CS, plant maintenance and EAM processes and how beneficial it can be for your technicians, working offline or on mobile devices.



  • Siegurd Hilker, SAP Application Consultant at Hauni

Key Takeaway:

  • Easy transition from paper to mobile
  • Time efficient processes

Topics Covered:

  • Fieldservice Inspections
  • Customer Service
  • Mobility

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