Neptune Survey: The Importance of Enterprise UX

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Neptune Survey Results: The Importance of Enterprise UX

This survey investigates the importance of User Experience, Self- Service, and Mobility initiatives in the enterprise. Since 2016, we are seeing more tools and people with relevant competencies supporting great UX. And because these new tools are providing proven benefits in the form of increased employee productivity and cost reduction across departments, adoption of UX projects is on the rise.

Read the survey results and explore the key challenges and success factors that companies are facing when considering User Experience projects:

  • More than 60% of the companies have User Experience as a priority.
  • The delivery of internal applications with better UX is extremely important for more than the 50% of the interviewees, indeed, 81% of the companies have already implemented mobile apps.
  • Self-Service Applications are seen as a key to employees’ satisfaction, increase productivity and better adoption of software solutions that move business and innovation forward.


Have a look at our video library to see how companies took on the challenge of great UX with SAP Fiori apps.

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