WHITEPAPER: A Guide to Choosing the Right App Development Platform Tools

Get your cheat sheet for choosing the right SAP app development platform tools for your enterprise apps

Due to Digital Transformation, nearly every industry is forced to need to rethink how to do business. Specifically, they’ll need to pay more attention to continuous improvement and efficiency, and maintain a laser focus on the customer experience. This is where SAP app development platforms come into place to help you along the way.

For companies having worked with various SAP systems, this means rethinking old processes and SAP app development and making sure that new user experience matches with the everyday handling of our current times.  Business transformation requires easy to use and manage enterprise apps that run previously implemented processes more efficient and quicker.

Download your free Whitepaper copy today and read about how innovation and digitalization will affect industries like the Insurance Agencies and Manufacturing in the future. We outline how companies can keep up with technology and the tools available to increase overall productivity, based on a low code SAP app development platform.

Whitepaper Key Points:

  • Impact of Business-Transforming SAP Enterprise Apps
  • Rethinking implemented SAP processes
  • RMAD – Rapid Mobile SAP App Development
  • SAP User Experience
  • Enterprise Apps within the IT infrastructure
  • UX Platform Checklist

It is very clear that organizations that fail to innovate and improve at the same pace as the competition will likely be left behind. Read this Whitepaper and gain all insights on how your IT can keep up with the demand for new modern SAP app development and mobile enterprise apps while not getting lost in the complexity of implementing better user experience and SAP mobility.


Feel free to also have a look why the French Army chose a rapid SAP app development platform to create better user experience and succeeded with new mobile enterprise apps.

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