WHITEPAPER: 3 Steps to Delivering Innovation and Value in a Complex Enterprise App World

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The enterprise app world isn’t just complex.  There is an industry-wide problem that you should know how to navigate.

Enterprise applications don’t always have the best reputation. At best, they are thought of as lifeless productivity tools that, when well designed, drive efficiency and provides an adequate experience. At their worst, they are thought of as clunky, boring, restrictive solutions that require weeks of training. So how can they be better? In the last 10 years, smartphones have grown from 68 Million to 1,729 Billion while PC’s have stayed flat at 260 Million. This has created a significant disruption between the SAP enterprise app that an employee has access to and the one the user actually wants.

Creating enterprise-class apps with consumer-like responsiveness and interfaces following these steps can be a powerful tool for today’s businesses. The 3 steps to innovate your SAP enterprise app environment include:

  1. Controlling Data Workflows
  2. Internal Compliance
  3. Data Analytics

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Explore the key steps you can take to deliver innovation and value when it comes to your complex enterprise apps. We outline why there is a clear disconnect between traditional IT priorities and capabilities and the needs of today’s mobile-focused workforce. Furthermore, …

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