The benefits of Supply Chain digitization

Supply Chain Digitization


In a world where technology is rapidly changing, it’s important for companies to ensure even the simplest processes are kept up. But most enterprises today still work with outdated supply chains, which means they are being outproduced by the competition that’s adopted fully modernized mobile and digital supply chain processes.

Part of the difficulty is companies focus on specific solutions to problems, rather than on how adopting technologies toward supply chain management can enhance their core capabilities. The assumption is digital modernization is expensive and time-consuming, taking resources away from the more important work of satisfying customers or innovating. In reality, adopting solutions like no-code/low-code tools offers a ton of benefits, including saving time and money, increasing productivity and efficiency, and improving user experience.

Supply Chain digitzation customer success stories

Take Rust-Oleum, for example. Like a lot of other companies, much of their supply chain was still on paper. The manual processes involved in a paper-based supply chain made their work slow, and made tasks hard to keep track of. To get away from that, Rust-Oleum knew they needed to streamline their systems in a way that could be developed and scaled quickly. By using the Neptune DX Platform [Neptune DXP], they were able to leverage their existing knowledge to create over 40 apps in four months reducing total cost of ownership by 65% compared to other vendors. They were also able to completely eliminate paper from their supply chain, making their warehouse systems more efficient, as well as more sustainable.

Another benefit of no-code/low-code app development platforms is that they can be integrated across an enterprise’s entire IT ecosystem without requiring developers to learn any new programming languages or acquire new skills. Johnson & Johnson used their own IT team to completely transform their supply chain by adopting different no-code/low-code applications a little at a time. Ultimately, Neptune DXP enabled them to create custom apps that didn’t require custom code, empowering––rather than inhibiting–––their development team to create solutions that worked across the entire enterprise.

Finally, no-code/low-code tools enables companies to improve their user experience. German footwear manufacturer Birkenstock was able to use Neptune DXP to create a B2B service app that allows for on- and offline ordering, so sales reps are better able to serve customers. The app is SAP-connected, so users can see stock information and place orders in real time.


While revamping a company’s supply chain can seem intimidating, companies can’t afford to lag behind. The benefits of mobilizing and digitizing an enterprise’s supply chain with no-code/low-code solutions, whether it’s saving money on paper, speeding up response times, or making the workforce more efficient and reducing management time are worth the investment that will result in a fast ROI and better employee experience. – fast, at scale and with ease. Give low-code a try and see for yourself. We dare you!

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