Ballance Agri-Nutrients automates supply chain and rapidly builds service center apps

Working with our partner Zag, Ballance Agri-Nutrients, the New Zealand-based farming co-operative used Neptune Software’s platform to automate its supply chain processes and build an app to speed up collections and enhance Health and Safety at its service centers.

Integrating with the existing SAP system, the app delivers a digital shopping cart directly to Loader drivers, so they no longer have to leave the cab to deal with paper-based dockets.

Watch the video and hear how Neptune DX Platform is so intuitive, it took no training to get started on building apps.

“The Neptune software solution was perfect for us. The flexibility and power of the app means we can develop on the fly.”

Ballance Agri-Nutrients helps its customers to farm more productively, profitably, and sustainably. Its core business of fertilizer manufacturing, supply, sales, and advice has grown to offer farmers a full range of science-backed nutrient products and services.

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