Fact Sheet — Permasteelisa Group creates easy to use suite of applications

Permasteelisa Group

Permasteelisa Group creates a digital global product traceability app to manage complex work environments

Permasteelisa Group has a mission to turn any idea of the world’s greatest architects into reality… but when you don’t have the right technology in place, sometimes that can be difficult. Prior to their modernization of technologies, they were relying too heavily on Excel. They wanted to create a modern solution that could be used on any device and could integrate with various systems along with SAP harmoniously. The solution they were looking to implement also wasn’t just for internal users – it needed to involve vendors and sub-contractors as well and because of this needed to be easy to use.

After some exploration, Permasteelisa Group found Neptune Software. They knew right away that the Neptune DX Platform was exactly what they were looking for and that the solution they were about to create would be a perfect fit for their needs.

Over the course of the next four months, Permasteelisa Group took two 4-day workshops and created three iterations of their new suite of applications. Using iOS devices integrated with IoT sensors they eliminated paper processes completely. Activities in production and on-site have been streamlined which has ensured quality information control during all of the production and installation of materials.

There is now a global standardization of all processes at a group level and unique values for clients were created in the process. The apps manage connections with RFID readers and Bluetooth devices. Overall it was a success for the Permasteelisa Group who accomplished all of the issues they set out to solve and they continue to grow and enjoy their new future proof system.

About Permasteelisa Group

Permasteelisa GroupPermasteelisa Group is a leading global contractor in the design, engineering, project management, manufacture, installation and after-sales service of architectural envelopes and interiors. The Group brings its Know-How and expertise to all projects, in particular when dealing with Special Features Buildings and advanced façades, beginning from the design development phases all the way to the successful completion, achieving the customer’s highest expectations. Their mission is to turn the ideas of the world’s greatest architects into reality by applying their engineering capabilities, advanced technologies and eco-sustainable solutions.


Key Takeaway:

  • Paper processes were eliminated
  • Ensured quality control
  • Three iterations in four months

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