Xaption GmbH

Xaption GmbH is a solutions provider for SAP ERP logistics software. Founded in 2003 by the two managing directors Elmar Schlecker and Frank Wolf, the company has enjoyed steady, moderate growth, and employs excellently trained developers in the core areas of customized solutions and add-ons as extensions and additions to the SAP standard software.

Our Approach:
Our approach is usually pragmatic and solution-oriented, so that we are particularly well-known for our very rapid implementation, in contrast to classic management consulting companies.

SAP Expertise:

  • Reporting
    All technologies, from SAP Query to highly interactive reports with controls, such as the ALV grid, but also explicit interactive business graphics in Excel via the SAP Office integration
  • Forms
    All technologies: SAPscript, Smart Forms, Adobe Print Forms, SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (SIFbA)
  • Interfaces
    All technologies: LSMW, BDC, EDI/ALE/IDoc, Business Connector/PI, XML web services as service provider or consumer
  • Dialog applications
    All technologies: Screens, preferably with controls, ranging from ergonomic user interfaces such as Drag&Drop functionality, to extensive Web Dynpro applications and Interactive Adobe Forms (SIFbA). In addition, we also have experts for CRM 2007 including UI development.
  • Module/process expertise
    Our focus is on Logistics and Financial Accounting. Our extensive network includes a range of highly-qualified consultants and developments in all SAP areas, and we have been able to expand it slowly but surely after numerous implementation projects. In the meantime, we are able to handle a complete SAP implementation as a general contractor, and achieve the best cost performance with a lean yet carefully assembled, dedicated and target-oriented project team. However, we are SAP-independent and can plan and implement open, comprehensive customer-defined solutions.

Technology and Seminars:
We use our company SAP system not just as a production system, but also for developing add-ons in our own namespace.

As a provider of in-house seminars on all issues dealing with ABAP and SAP forms, we create our own training materials, which are also purchased from us by one of the leading training providers in Germany. In addition, our company has also produced four specialist reference books.

Where complex tasks are concerned, we frequently use object-oriented development technologies, which enable us to achieve a high level of reusability and low maintenance – both for us and for our customers.
As a result, many of our products have originated as spin-offs of project requirements.

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