Supanz GmbH

The software factory Supanz GmbH, experts for SAP data integration, was founded in 2008 by Bernhard Supanz and his wife Mag. Sabina Supanz-Smrt and was built sustainably with much enthusiasm from its own resources.

Supanz is SAP Gold and global provider of SAP-certified business software and SAP-certified services based in Keutschach / See, Carinthia, Austria. Cloud and mobile solutions and services make the offer complete. Supanz has set itself the target to make SAP tangible, and not just for large, but also for medium and small businesses. With more than thirty years of experience with SAP, the software manufacturer Supanz offers compelling product developments. In recent years, national and international projects have been implemented in well-known companies.

Unique IT efficiency and BS-S Interaction Framework© – the basic technology
Since 2008 the company Supanz improves efficiently the benefits of business software solutions in the field of data integration for SAP customers – both for small and medium businesses as well as corporations. The philosophy is to produce with minimal use the maximum benefit for SAP customers. BS-S products must be easy to use and BS-S solutions must be inexpensive. This objective Supanz reaches because all solutions are based on a single, very powerful and comprehensive, proprietary technology, the BS-S Interaction Framework ©.

This basic technology works in all systems that are required for data integration in SAP, i.e. a source system, a SAP middle-ware and an SAP target system. Because this technology goes very deep into the SAP source code, it makes it possible to respond to each customer’s specific customization and to deliver tailored solutions in the shortest time and at an affordable price. The width of the BS-S product line shows how diverse the basic technology for all types of data integration can be used – from a traditional data migration from huge corporations to data transfer programs e.g. MS Excel for micro businesses, from data integration to data analysis, both as a cloud service as well as mobile applications.

Always with the ambition: Supanz customers should not only be satisfied, but also excited.

Supanz GmbH
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Kärnten, Austria

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