Stretch is a consulting company that creates business value.

Stretch is Scandinavia’s fastest consulting company. We love speed!

We develop the world – every day! With the technology as a foundation, we create value for our customers – in everything we do!

Among other things, we improve the user experience for our customers through increased and simplified availability, increased quality and efficiency in business processes. We do it through innovation, curiosity and courage and we prefer to do it step by step. We help individuals and organizations develop long-term and sustainable IT-solutions with focus on maximizing business value

How wonderful that you’re curious! Our focus is to ensure that you get the most business value for every penny invested. We are looking forward to your questions. All questions are welcome. Talk to you soon!


Gamla Brogatan 26, 111 20 Stockholm
Primary Neptune contact: Christer Ingemarsson
Phone: +46 708 58 89 57

Kungsgatan 46, 411 15 Göteborg
Primary Neptune contact: Simon Sahlström
Phone: +46 701 65 28 36

Main Phone: +46 8 24 00 80