Propel UX

Our Team
Propel UX is an SAP application development company with a strong focus on delivering lasting value to customers. We are a team of versatile SAP specialists with a growth mindset. We avoid groupthink and don?t succumb to technology and product hype cycles. We?re always guided by first principles and don?t believe in silver bullets. Our vast experience enables us to distinguish truly revolutionary technologies from fads.

Design Philosophy
While human needs are undoubtedly paramount, we believe that ideal applications are those that are at the confluence of the following three criteria:

  • Applications that are desirable those that appeal to human needs
  • Applications that are feasible those that can be built with available technologies and
  • Applications that are economically viable those that can be afforded by the business

Our design approach reflects this inherent compromise.

Modus Operandi
We work in small teams. We have an experienced and well-rounded team of application designers, functional and technical consultants with experience in multiple projects. Contrary to popular belief, we believe that process knowledge is crucial to use case development. Our approach is three-pronged:

Observe users and identify needs and challenges

Design the core application rapidly and deploy them on various devices based on user feedback

Incorporate feedback to deliver product improvements iteratively

Propel UX

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