Oryx Group

The Oryx Group is an SAP consultancy company focusing on usability & mobility, Business Insight (BI) and customer interactions (CI). Oryx was founded in 2006 and has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Bulgaria.

The days that SAP only covered financial and logistic execution are gone. From information sharing and collaboration with suppliers through selling over the internet, from financial planning to consumer behavior analysis, SAP offers it all. However introducing new products creates new complexity in the IT environment, interfaces need to put in place, new processes need to be established, knowledge need to be gathered, systems need to be maintained and – last but not least – costs need be kept under control.

That is where Oryx Group comes in: we help our customers to make the right decisions, to implement the right components in a cost-effective way and make sure that at the end, there is a measurable business benefit.

Oryx Consulting

Geoffrey Craps

phone: +32 476 76 03 25
email: geoffrey@theoryx.com

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