We are a services business company, working with consulting, business solutions and outsourcing mainly for the SAP platform. We focus our knowledge in the technological platforms that support our customers’ business processes. We are always looking for new solutions that add value to our customers, that is the main reason why we have developed this partnership with Neptune.

Why InberGroup?

  • We recommend solutions that best meet the needs of our customers.
  • Our executive team has extensive experience in leading companies of the IT industry.
  • We specialize in adding value to business processes through IT services.
  • Our consulting focuses on the solution, its endurance over time and the financial value it adds to the business of our clients.
  • All the deliverables from our projects are more than books in shelves, but a knowledge reference and a starting point for further improvements.

InberGroup Chile


Badajoz 100 /Oficina 912
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile

Hector Pinto Romero

Phone: + 56 (2) 28801089