Implema’s business concept

ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS. We have the benefit of working with customers of all sizes and in many industries, and most of them operate internationally. This means Implema is experienced in implementing projects in enterprises of varying complexity, often with entities worldwide.

ABOUT US. Implema was started in 1998 by four young business system consultants passionate about scaling down SAP’s gigantic business systems to suit small and medium-sized companies. The industry was sceptical at first, but opinions quickly changed. And the rest is modern business systems history!

SWEDEN’S MOST POWERFUL OFFER. Today, Implema is Sweden’s leading specialist in implementing business systems fast, working with standard solutions based on SAP and Dynamics 365. Our generic working model, Implema Way, and our project methodology, Implema Instant, are important elements in our success. But the most important success factor is our team of exceptionally competent and pleasant employees around Sweden – more than 115 the last time we counted and probably even more by the time you read this. Our head office is just a stone’s throw from Stockholm Central station, and we have a further ten offices in Sweden’s major towns and cities as well as a dedicated operations centre in Örebro. The aim of having many offices is twofold: to be close to our customers and to contribute to a vibrant economy by providing jobs for our employees in different regions of Sweden. Implema is still owned by its four founders, all of whom are active in the company. This strengthens us for the long term and demonstrates continuity. Our annual turnover is around 200 million Swedish kronor, and we have our sights set on continued stable growth going forward.


Implema AB Headoffice
Klarabergsviadukten 90C
111 64 Stockholm

Box 545
101 30 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 503 124 00