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In 1972, SAP’s founding fathers began collaborating with our parent company, the Freudenberg Group, in Weinheim, Germany. Working in the Freudenberg Group’s data center (think SAP’s garage), five tech visionaries began writing the software that would become the world’s leading ERP system. In 1977, The Freudenberg Group became SAP’s 7th customer.

In 1995, using expertise it gleaned as an SAP collaborator and customer, Freudenberg IT (FIT) emerged from the group as a spin-off.

In 2003, FIT premiered in America. In 2005, FIT Asia made its debut in China. Today, FIT is flourishing around the globe. And not just in the SAP channel either. See, we understand that you rely on other business-critical software – such as Microsoft – to run your company so we’ve created a service portfolio that can support nearly all your digital enterprise needs.

Freudenberg IT Asia

Yong Tian
Director SAP Consulting Delivery