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Tuscany-based Ergon is a tech partner for medium and large businesses that have led choices on IT infrastructure for over 15 years. Its main goal being to ensure digital transformation, Ergon offers consulting and IT training services as well as the best, most reliable tools for virtualization, business continuity, disaster recovery, networking and unified communications, leveraging its partnerships with the most important IT vendors in the world. Equipped with skillful, competent and reliable professionals, Ergon strives to be an effective guide in the maze of possibilities offered for IT infrastructure services. In order to differentiate itself from the competition, Ergon leverages its broad and always up-to-date knowledge of the IT landscape, ranging from established vendors to small niche innovators, presented to clients without bias thanks to its vendor-independent nature.

Ergon is the leader of Gruppo E, a group of Tuscan companies, each specializing in a specific IT area: Mediasecure and MGALabs, specialized in cyber security, Neboola, cloud player, and Estrobit, software developer for Industry 4.0, in addition to Lunokod, consulting company in workflow management, and Enext, a sales company based in Milan.

Ergon Srl

Largo Guido Novello 1C, 50126 Firenze, Italy

T: +39 055 289085