Datalynx Pte Ltd

Datalynx AG was founded in 1996 in order to meet the informatics needs of both multi-national and local organizations. Our employees have always been and continue to be exceedingly well qualified and in possession of extensive and relevant work experience. Datalynx has also always valued the strength that comes from a fruitful relationship and we are pleased to say that our initial customers are still with us today. This strength, experience, and continual grown is greatly due to the leadership that the original founder of Datalynx continues to bring to this organization to this day.

Throughout our history, we have pursued a strategy of controlled and steady expansion by acquisition and natural growth.

Our enthusiasm for innovation and technology coupled with our vision for the future we will ensure many more years of prosperous growth alongside our team and our customers.


Datalynx values their customers and works diligently to deliver innovative IT services of outstanding quality and value.


Our customers are the reason we are here and our employees are the fuel that keeps us moving forward. We pride ourselves in delivering measurable benefits through our services to enhance our clients’ business success. We also recognize that our employees are our biggest asset and will continue to invest in their growth through education and empowerment. We will also continue to grow in size and capabilities as a company bringing only the highest quality services to our customers.

Values and Beliefs

  • We take time to understand our customers and their needs.
  • We value teamwork, honesty, and trust.
  • We communicate openly with our clients.
  • We measure our success by our actions not our words.
  • We deliver tangible benefits and innovative solutions.
  • Our team is handpicked for their experience, attitude, and ability to comprehend customer requirements and deliver practical solutions.
  • Our international expertise enables us to understand and service the needs of multi-national organizations as well as new and growing business.
  • We live our values and beliefs daily as we follow the leadership of our original founder to this day.

Datalynx AG

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