Consnet (Pty) Ltd


CONSNET firmly believes in looking at any implementation from a Total Solution Cost perspective. Total Solution Cost has two components, namely the project cost and post implementation cost.

Project cost is primarily driven by duration and the number of resources utilised during the implementation. We believe that by utilising expert consultants you can reduce your implementation time and number of consultants drastically.

A poorly designed or implemented system can lead to a massive increase your post implementation cost. Firstly, bad systems require a lot maintenance and can cause immense frustration for your employees. Secondly, it can lead to a loss of customers or revenue. Once again, the utilisation of expert consultants will mitigate these risks.

Corporate Strategy

CONSNET is a niche player in the SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) area. Our consultants are recognised as some of the most capable and experienced in the market.

Our short term strategy is to build on this position and become the SAP CRM implementation partner of choice. We are currently expanding our skills base in CRM and SAP Development to cater for the increasing demands of our customers.

CONSNET is also actively trying to expand the installed base of SAP CRM in the South African market as we believe this product can deliver a tremendous amount of value to our customers.



Edwin Molenkamp