Bird of the Sun

Bird of the Sun develops mobile software for businesses focused on performance.   We have partnered with Neptune Software, leveraging a low-code, rapid app development platform that helps modernize and optimize your business processes and user interfaces, with universal backend integration that unifies your entire business ecosystem.

The team at Bird of the Sun has over 20 years of developing mobile applications ranging from warehouse management and plant maintenance applications to analytics solutions leveraging streaming sensor data.

Bird of the Sun is developing a portfolio of template applications to kick-start your project as well as can create custom solutions drastically reducing the time and cost to design, build, integrate, deploy, and maintain applications on any back-end system—across desktop, mobile, and offline environments.

Bird of the Sun, LLC

3 Walnut Way

Annandale, NJ 08801

844.390.1420 office

610.390.6526 mobile

For further information please contact, Sam Horton, President