September news and updates on customer growth

New customer from 12 different countries

The customers are from all types of industries and are mobilizing a variety of SAP processes, such as a self-service solution for patient registration in a hospital, an in store application for a famous fashion brand in Milan to the more traditional and popular apps for time recording, travel registration, warehouse management and workflow.

Our Partners add value to the end customers through their unique industry and process expertise.

Product development
Neptune launches Neptune Application Management (NAM) and Neptune Application Catalog (NAC) as part of our product. NAM manages the applications throughout the entire app lifecycle from development, assignment and access control. Administrators can view installed applications and statistics of usage from the analytics in the admin console. End users has full access to the apps in the Neptune Application Catalog for reviewing, give feedback and install the apps directly to their device by a single click. There is an improved security options such as a two-factor authentication option out of the box.

The designer is enhanced to be even more easy and effective for the developers in the upcoming release, with a native javascript editor featuring code completion, syntax check and pretty printer. It includes 20 different themes such as eclipse, sublimetext and chrome.

Stay tuned for more information.

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