Pyze, the Leader in Embeddable AI Driven Cross-Platform User Analytics, Announces Cross-platform Analytics Partnership with Neptune Software


Neptune Software is excited to announce their latest partnership, which further cements thier position as a trusted solution in the Enterprise market. Pyze and Neptune Software have partnered to develop an easy to deploy integration that enables Neptune Software customers to measure user and product analytics, conduct AI-based segmentation and deliver multi-channel notifications across all app platforms–an offering that enhance the quality of applications being developed and strengther thier position in the app development space, including that of Multiexperience Development Platforms.

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About Pyze 

Pyze is the leading AI driven cross-platform analytics and engagement solution that can be embedded into any application. Pyze utilizes automated cross-device user behavior tracking, segmentation and omni-channel notifications to optimize application workflows for greater productivity. Pyze is trusted by over 50,000 customers and deployed on over 300,000 mobile and web applications across the world. For more information, visit Pyze at


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