Neptune UX Summit 2018: Recap & Presentations

Discover a Digital Experience (DX) Platform that is more than just a development tool

What a day it has been! Over 250 Mobility and App Development Enthusiasts from all around the world gathered in Oslo for a spectacular day full of digital experience and app innovation (and a little journey to the app solar system) at our yearly Neptune UX Summit.

Intriguing and innovative presentations from various Customers and Partners alike (you can watch all their amazing Digital Transformation stories below) brought in astonished faces in the audience – so many possibilities with the DX Platform! This, of course, brought upon many ideas what developers and IT departments are actually capable of thanks to our modules.

But the biggest story of it all… what happened to our beloved UXP? And what is a module now? No worries, it still exists.

In a strategic update (not just a cosmic journey), we fully rebranded our core product and went from UXP to now Neptune Digital Experience (DX) Platform, in short we like to say DXP. The Neptune DX Platform combines 2 modules, Planet 8 (former Neptune UXP) and our BRAND NEW module Planet 9, giving you a unified experience for your entire ecosystem of applications! All while delivering a consistent end-user experience across apps to accelerate use

But enough reading… let’s watch these awesome UX stories from this year’s Neptune UX Summit:

The key takeaway from the day:

  • Neptune UXP is now called Neptune Digital Experience (DX) Platform
  • a cosmic journey from Planet 8 (former Neptune UXP) to Planet 9, the new 2nd module
  • the new DXP platform no longer relies on the SAP ABAP stack only
  • a new API anywhere offering
  • harmonized enterprise landscapes that enable IoT integration across industries
  • with Neptune Planet 8 Fiori apps, a flawless corporate identity of a mobile launchpad is possible
  • Neptune Software helps on the path from SAP mobility to digitization of cross-system business processes

Neptune Software's NEW DX Platform

Scaling Mobility and Offline Apps

Coming Soon

A new data experience vision for supply chain

Warehouse Implementation

Digitization with Mobile Maintenance Apps

QSC & EINR present POS9

Google - Making Mobility work


Impressions of all our ROCKSTARS at the Neptune UX Summit 2018!

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