Exclusive Announcement: Release of Neptune UX Platform Support Package 03

These past few months have been an exciting time for us at Neptune Software and now the day is finally here for us to share what is nothing short of a game-changer in the SAP workflow, processes and application development space.

Here is some of what to expect from the Neptune UX Platform Support 03 release:

  • oData integration WITH offline functionality so your data can come from ABAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, and more
  • Multi UI5 versions makes the upgrade process even easier
  • A new Launchpad that improves productivity with a new SidePanel, fresh Fiori 2.0 look-and-feel and integrated help
  • Enhanced Neptune Application Designer with more tools and flexibility to further speed up your development. Check out the new data flow overview
  • Deep-Linking into your Launchpad

Please feel free to register to watch a little sneak peek of what you can get with our latest Support Package. Or if you want to dive deeper into what is new, please check out the Technical Release notes here.

We are always working to improve the way you can build and support the SAP Fiori strategy in your business, so please continue to share your thoughts and ideas with us and help us make our platform even better.

*This on-demand webinar was held by the development team at Neptune Software and is open to anyone interested in SAP ABAP Fiori application development using NetWeaver 7.x all the way to S/4 HANA.

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