Neptune Software’s Roadmap: What is coming in 2020?

New year, new possibilities.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to gather and talk about where we are heading. Our colleagues Matthias Steiner, Chief Product Officer and Philip Gundersen, Chief Marketing Officer, sit together to present Neptune Software’s Roadmap 2020.

Main highlights in Neptune Software’s Roadmap 2020

On the UX side:

We have always been a front-runner in supporting SAP’s UX Strategy and we’ll continue to do so: Fiori 3 design guidelines and supporting the latest versions of UI5. The most interesting feature is the new “Integration cards”, even easier to expose data from backend systems and include it in the launchpad.

On the Integration & API side:

The support for OpenAPI v3, comes with some interesting features such as multi-part document handling and callback support. And we are adding further API discovery services to make it even easier & faster to consume APIs from enterprise vendors.

On the Rapid Application Development side:

We are working on support for HANA, but also MS SQL server is on the list and we see customer demand in support Oracle as well. Besides, we are working on improving the debugging features for server-side scripting and finalising the GIT integration for the pro-code editor and we will launch our plugin for Visual Studio Code as an alternative for the web-based side.

Want to know more? We will share more details about our complete Neptune Software’s Roadmap 2020 on our upcoming events. And you can also check more videos from Neptune Software. Stay tuned!

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