Neptune Software Announces New Blood Donor App for Bloodmates

Oslo, Norway, and Stuart, FL, USA — March 14, 2019 Neptune Software, announced today its noble cause participation in the development of Bloodmates donor matching App utilizing the Neptune Digital Experience Platform.

Neptune Software, when not solving the real-world challenges for enterprise customers, is dedicated to making an impact on improving the lives of the global community. However, this story is about Bloodmates, which has a massive impact on the lives of many patients in India with the help of Neptune Software.

Bloodmates bridges the gap between patients and blood donors to combat the scarcity of blood donations in the West Bengal and Gujarat regions of India. Bloodmates works free of cost around the year, operated only by a Facebook group and social media outreach. Since its inception in 2016, Bloodmates have been able to tap 3,500 regular donors and 150 donors in West Bengal and Gujarat respectively, and this database has been the backbone of Bloodmates. As of now, Bloodmates has more than 30 volunteers who work incessantly to improve the lives of patients who require blood in their most desperate hours. The dedicated folks at Bloodmates do this in their free time and at their own cost, so nobody has to die.

So where does Neptune Software come into this picture? To understand that, let’s take a look at how Bloodmates operates within the technological sphere. In the past, donor information was collected via an open Google Form into their database. However, since most of this data is free form entry, searching through this is tough because the data is prone to variations of spellings for geographical locations, names, and other human errors. Therefore, the search for a particular blood type within a certain radius can become extremely cumbersome. Additionally, once locating potential donors, their eligibility depends on many factors, such as their last blood donation date.

Bloodmates is in the process of venturing into rural areas where the awareness of blood types is low, and blood donations are rare. To encourage donations, they are planning awareness campaigns, and are issuing blood type cards to residents. Rural areas in India often do not have internet access, which makes efficient data collection impossible.

While Neptune can’t eradicate all barriers to success with just a mobile app, they were confident that they could improve the process significantly.   Consequently, Neptune Software decided to build an app for the volunteers of Bloodmates. The app makes data collection easier via mobile phones and works offline. Volunteers would be able to search and add donors from their phones without relying on a stable internet connection. The app also standardizes data entry by enabling users to select values such as location from a list, rather than free form entry. Standardization of input values and eliminating human error, in this case, will save lives.  Also, proper user access management prevents unauthorized users from editing data. Subsequently, more accurate data and faster search leads to quick information retrieval, which is critical when a donor is required, and the clock is ticking.

The official Bloodmates tagline “The Real Weapon is Harmony” and “Ashol Ostro Somonyoy” (Bengali) has been graciously lent to be used by the rockstar Rupam Islam. Across countries, continents, nationalities and other cultural borders, Neptune Software and Bloodmates have joined hands in harmony to make donating blood and saving lives a lot easier. Moreover, this is just the beginning of a long journey ahead with more to come.

For further details on Bloodmates, please contact:

Priyam Sengupta,, +91-9051977167

Link to Rupam Islam :

Link to Bloodmates FB Page :

And, for further details and information on Neptune Software, please contact:

Victoria Brannon,, +1 678-231-1159




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