Neptune IMPACT Festival 2020

Real Results. Real IMPACT. That is what we do together – Neptune IMPACT Festival 2020.

Whether you were able to log on to one or all sessions, or just want to see what the hype was all about –  feel free  watch all customer success stories on-demand and see what incredible journeys they are on and what they have accomplished with the help of our Neptune Software DX Platform.

Neptune Software Welcome

FIORI Elements: Without the Elements

An Instore Story: A New Tool to Optimize Instore Sales to B2C and B2B

Insights into U.S. Sugar's Warehouse Management Strategy

Paperless Warehouse Powered by Neptune Software

How to Address Enterprise Mobility Challenges Over SAP Systems in Less Than a Month

Designing a SAPUI5 Web Portal for the French Ministry of Justice HR Apps

Improving Waste Collection for a Modern World

How COOP Norway Automated Instore Processes to Improve Stock Accuracy, Store Efficiency & Profit

Visibility and Actionable Insights

How the Cloud Enables End-to-End Workflow Visibility

Modernizing the Warehouse

Unlocking Your Customer's Next Best Action with Data

PreBilt: Mobile Solutions for the SAP Supply Chain

POSBE: Point of Sales by EINR: A Cloud POS Made for Enterprises

Neptune Software Product Announcements

Neptune Software Live Q&A

This year, a global pandemic may have kept us all away from being able to be together in Norway, but we made the best of it! Since June we have put on a monthly digital festival series that in accumulation made up Neptune IMPACT Festival 2020. Over the course of five series we were able to hear from the Neptune Software team on what exciting things are lined up for the future, nine customers who have harvested the power of Neptune Software to help digitize their company and get real impact fast, and our partners who are building amazing out-of-the-box solutions on our Neptune Software DX Platform.

As budgets dwindle, and the demand for new scalable digital solutions grows it is more important than ever to learn from each other and realize the impact a low-code, rapid application development software like Neptune Software’s DX Platform can provide.

We hope that you enjoyed learning and sharing with us at Neptune IMPACT Festival 2020. Remember, whether it’s connecting thousands of fragmented IT systems under one unified app experience or extending the life of your legacy ERP systems to support a modern enterprise mobility strategy – these stories will help you answer questions you may have, spark ideas for your digitization future, and give you the power and information you need to push your company to the next level.

The key takeaways from our customers:

  • Elkjøp used Neptune Software to provide a single platform for multiple Azure Microservices integrating SAP ERP, CAR, Commerce and C4S systems boosting B2B and B2C sales
  • Discovery worked with our partner UpperTech Consulting Group to create Fiori Element like reports using Neptune Software templates avoiding Fiori Element restrictions
  • Rust-Oleum along with our partner Mygo Consulting delivered 40+ applications in only 4 months leveraging their existing SAP Mobility set up and creating a paperless warehouse powered by Neptune Software
  • US Sugar is continuing their digitization journey with Neptune Software creating more and more applications that eliminate paper-based processes, improve their user’s experience, and grow applications on- and offline across multiple fields of business
  • The French Ministry of Justice re-created their entire HR Portal using Neptune Software with a more modern and intuitive multi-device interface that user’s love and is compatible with their existing SAP landscape
  • Norsk Gjenvinning created a bring your own device offline mobile solution that requires minimal training time, a reduction in input errors, and is completely customized to reflect their corporate branding
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