Neptune Festival 2019: Recap & Presentations

Bridging Business and IT is easy with a Digital Experience (DX) Platform that supports the entire application lifecycle.

What an honor to continue seeing so many new faces that want to join us in Norway, and see how we are delivering on Enterprise Mobility, Digital Transformation, and everything in between. This year close to 350 of our peers made it out to share their stories and learn, and we couldn’t be more proud of what they achieved.

Enterprises of today will need the same as the enterprise of tomorrow–they will need to innovate. But the road they take will differ. The tools they employ will be many. And the results will be varied. As Digital Transformation comes in many shapes and forms–as is evident in the over 500 customers we’ve served to date, and why they choose Neptune Software–it isn’t always the big, shiny project or the most expensive app that equalise transformation, but about laying the right foundation for the future and easily bringing transformative ideas and services to life.

We believe you will need a flexible toolset that allows you to choose best of breed technologies needed at any given moment while empowering your enterprise to quickly realize any digital project, whether it’s a small HR app or connecting all your fragmented systems and technology stacks via one unified dashboard/entry point. As our very own Christoph Garms says, “Bridging those gaps and driving strategic Digital Transformation is a matter of digitalizing process after process, creating a new work culture around agile methods and cross-functional teams which will eventually drive new business models based on digital products and services.”

That is why our customers are eager to share how Neptune Software is THE platform to help them Bridge Business and IT. But don’t take our word for it, our customers are eager to share how Neptune Software is THE platform helping them to Bridge Business and IT and supporting the needs of the future. watch their stories below:

The key takeaway from the day:

  • The Neptune DX Platform is the proven tool that will allow you to choose the best of breed of technology to stay ahead of your competition
  • A full spectrum of services are now available and combining both a Low Code to Pro Code approach to full application lifecycle management
  • Moving from pure UI5  to also support frameworks like React and Vue to name a few
  • A toolset that easily enables the development, deployment, integration, and management across any system, backend, and architecture
  • Digital transformation isn’t just about technology, it’s about allowing you to truly deliver on an agile strategy. Because you need to “fail fast, and not just say you are agile.”

Neptune Software's NEW DX Platform

Scaling Mobility and Offline Apps

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A new data experience vision for supply chain

Warehouse Implementation

Digitization with Mobile Maintenance Apps

Sopra Steria

Google - Making Mobility work

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Panel Discussion

Machine Learning with Neptune

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