Neptune DXP 21 Release

Neptune DXP 21 Release: a re-imagined low-code/no-code developer experience to boost developer productivity even further

New developer toolset simplifies and accelerates the rapid development of digital solutions in the enterprise via Neptune Software’s SAP-centric digital experience platform

Oslo, Norway – October 13th, 2021 – Neptune Software releases today – Neptune DXP 21 – the newest version of its leading SAP-centric Digital Experience Platform (Neptune DXP), delivering major enhancements and exciting new features with a completely re-imagined developer experience. This LTS (long-term support) release comprises all newly rolled out functionality via previous innovation releases as a production-ready version.

Neptune Software’s foundation and mission centers around providing the best enterprise app development platform – by enterprise developers for enterprise developers. The new features and re-imagined developer experience take the company’s persona-centric toolset to the next level by providing unique and tailor-fitted development environments for no-code, low-code, and pro-code scenarios. The new developer experience allows expert users to completely customize the look & feel of the development environment, including favorites and last used artifacts, shortcuts in the navigation between all tools and a powerful deep search. All these new features allow a boost in productivity by letting each developer fine-tune the tooling to their liking. Similarly, citizen developers are provided with a streamlined experience that caters to their skills profile, allowing them to use the no-code toolset to compose new applications and workflows in a way that encourages exploration and experimentation.

“In today’s software-driven world, all companies are fighting for skilled developers to drive their digitalization strategy, making them a scarce resource. Consequently, every IT department is well advised to also look into ways to make their current IT staff more productive”, says Matthias Steiner, Chief Product Officer of Neptune Software.

He continues:

“In our view, productivity gains are best achieved by giving developers tools they actually want to use – tools that seamlessly blend into their preferred way of working and that support, simplify and speed up the development process. The needs of a backend developer are different from a front-end developer; hence no-code and pro-code platforms require completely different approaches, yet a common collaboration mode that facilitates working together across departments. This type of thinking was at the center of this release, and I’m extremely proud of what the team has delivered.”

Built to address the challenges of today’s complex, hybrid IT landscapes via a single, holistic solution, Neptune DXP’s new release also features a connectivity service to bridge between on-premise backend systems and cloud solutions. This connectivity service provides a smooth pathway for customers wanting to transition to hybrid environments and allows them to deliver a unified digital experience across all their business systems. In conjunction with Neptune DXP’s high-productivity app development toolset, this turns IT departments into “app factories” that can build and roll out apps that deliver instant business value – with ease and at scale.

“A major focus area of this release was on boosting the developer productivity even further,” explains Ole-André Haugen, co-founder and CTO at Neptune Software. “Making our toolset both more powerful for professional developers and easy-to-use for citizen developers at the same time required a new way of thinking. The team did an amazing job with the new developer experience in this regard, and I’m excited that this is now available to all our customers.”

In parallel to the re-imagined developer experience and UX related topics, today’s release also contains significant updates in the platform’s foundation pertaining to performance, enterprise mobility and security. The new optimizations in data model transformation and payload handling improve performance up to 7x in high-concurrency and low-latency scenarios using API-based integration. This makes Neptune DXP the most robust, high-performing, and scalable interface to SAP backend systems in the no-code/low-code market.

Discover the breadth of new features that empower developers to drive rapid enterprise application development. For further information on new features and functionality, please consult the release notes:

Release notes

Neptune DXP 21 [Neptune DXP – SAP Edition]

Neptune DXP 21 [Neptune DXP – Open Edition]

To download, test or upgrade to Neptune DXP 21 – please access the new release through our Neptune Software Account Portal.

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Neptune DXP SAP Edition


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