Mikan Associates and Neptune Software enter into Partnership


Chicago IL, March 2, 2016 – Mikan Associates and Neptune Software have entered into a partnership to provide SAP Mobility, enhanced User Experience, and Business Intelligence solutions to their customers and the SAP industry.


Valuable operational and tactical business analysis should not be confined to desktop or personal computers, but rather, be readily available on any device. Neptune UX Platform 4.0 enables delightful and intuitive Fiori applications to connect directly to the backend of SAP business applications, or Business Warehouse. Neptune Software handles data in ways that allow for direct connection while maintaining superior performance, minimizing bandwidth, and significantly improving ease of use. Intuitive integration with SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform opens up countless opportunities for data accessibility and analysis across multiple systems.

“Mikan Associates will be the perfect partner to bring Business Intelligence and Big Data expertise to the Neptune UX Platform,” said Martin Beringer, of Neptune Software. “We live in a time where digitization of business can make all the difference, and together we will be able to deliver powerful reports and dashboards to smart phones, tablets, and desktop, allowing businesses to be truly agile.”

”Because one of the key perks for Neptune’s current customers and prospects is agility and dramatic increase in adoption of SAP business applications due to Neptune’s UX ease of use, we find a clear alignment in our unwavering focus on linking solutions to business value”, says Michael Odongo of Mikan Associates. “In the 21st century, businesses deserve and view ease of use, agility [of development cycles and use], and mobility as givens.”

Please contact Michael Odongo, Chief Consulting Officer of Mikan Associates, (847) 668-8500, modongo@mikanassociates.com, or Martin Beringer, CEO of Neptune Software US Inc., (772) 261-8548, mberinger@neptune-software.com for more information.

About Mikan Associates

Mikan Associates provides measurable, impactful Data & Analytics Solutions by a local consulting team with unmatched technical expertise, deep industry knowledge and broad consulting experience.

Mikan’s Data Management solutions and services are driven by business objectives, and focus on Strategy and Implementation, on the basis of Next-Generation (Big Data), Hybrid, and Traditional constructs and technologies.

Their Analytics solutions enable real-time and time-variant business insight – the analytics are Predictive, Diagnostic or Descriptive depending on client’s specific use case.

Web site: www.mikanassociates.com | Location: 141 W. Jackson Blvd, STE 1520, Chicago IL 60604 | Phone: (888) 902-1970


About Neptune Software

Neptune Software provides the most cost efficient and secure way to make any SAP functionality seamlessly available in user friendly interfaces on Phone, Tablet and Desktop. Being the only solution on the market that directly leverages SAP’s own source code ABAP, we maximize the use of the customer’s existing SAP set-up, while minimizing the need for integration. We call this solution the Neptune Application Designer. This solution has enabled our customers to make SAP processes available on mobile devices to thousands of end users in a matter of weeks, or even days, while maintaining the highest security requirements.

Neptune’s tight integration with SAP’s own source code not only enables fast and secure implementations, it also minimizes the total lifecycle cost, thus providing a rapid return on investment. Some examples of this are that when using Neptune there is no need for additional servers or middleware and associated integration set-up and maintenance cost. Neptune also fully leverages the system set-up and authorization structure in SAP, thus avoiding duplication of maintenance work. Combining Neptune with the new mobile cloud offerings from SAP you have a secure affordable complete enterprise mobility solution in a few days.

Web site: neptsoft.wpengine.com | Location: 850 NW Federal Hwy, STE 204, Stuart FL 34994 | Phone: (772) 261-8548

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