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September 13-14

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Gartner applications innovation and business solutions summit
Gartner applications innovation and business solutions summit

Reshape Software Delivery to Drive Business Value

Application and software engineering leaders must take charge of reshaping their strategies, tactics and cultures to help their organizations drive business change, enable digital innovation and deliver business value. To drive business value is to deliver software that meets the functional, operational and economic needs of the business. Building the skills to take advantage of, rather than be swamped by, the relentless pace of technology change is key to success.

It’s time to build the skills to deliver the applications that help your business thrive! Join Gartner experts, leading technology providers and industry peers at Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit 2023, September 13 – 14, in London, U.K., to hear and share the latest insights into application strategies, software engineering leadership, API strategies, development platforms, emerging technologies and more.


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Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit at a Glance

Join the world-class community of Gartner application and software engineering experts and hundreds of industry peers from across every industry.

Hear from the Neptune Crew during our speaking session taking place Thursday, Sept. 14th at 11:15am in Arcadia-4401.

Stop by our booth and say hello to the #NeptuneCrew – come watch a demo, and have all of your questions about Neptune DXP answered!

Navigate your way through two days of  learning across five different tracks and unparalleled networking through planned and unplanned events, all under one roof.

Join us for our sessions!

Check out our 30-minute session hosted by our Chief Product Officer Helder Goncalves, and our Country Managing Director for DACH Christoph Garms and “Meet Bob and see how you can get value from No-Code/Low-Code for SAP” In this session, join IT Director Bob, on a captivating adventure as he hunts for innovative solutions to meet his organization’s diverse needs. Unveiling the game-changing power of No-Code/Low-Code (NCLC) platforms customized for SAP systems. Witness how Bob’s team simplifies stakeholder coordination, integrates data effortlessly, and drastically reduces development time, effort, and costs. Experience the speed at which Bob delivers multiple business apps, fueling digital transformation and unlocking untapped potential. Get ready to embrace the power of NCLC, because in this scenario, we’re all Bob!

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Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit