Digitalisation Minister Nikolai Astrup visits Neptune Software

On the 20th of May our Oslo office had a visit of Norway’s Digitalisation minister Nikolai Astrup. The minister was visiting to learn more about the fast-growing Norwegian company, but was pleasantly surprised to know that he had used an app for travel expenses developed by Neptune Software while he was a member of Parliament and called it “a revolution”. It finally enabled him to actually have his expenses reimbursed as he previously would lose his receipts.

The minister had a lot of questions to Neptune Software concerning ownership, the product, universal design and who is their main competitors are. As a response to which ambition the company has for the future, Njål Stabell, the CIO and co-founder responded “world domination”.

Neptune Software presented the main facts: we have 4 out of 500 Fortune companies as our customers, 550 customers in 40 countries and 60 employees of many different nationalities.

The minister saw great opportunities for using our platform and technology in the public sector, as the public sector faces many of the same challenges other big, private companies face–they need to support many different fragmented systems that don’t communicate with each other. He will present a digitalisation strategy for public sector before the summer where one of his aims is to have a solution that will easily enable systems to talk to each other and that the public experiences one seamless solution.

He was happy to hear that the development took place in Norway, and that it was not difficult to attract talents. He would really like to attend the festival on the 13th of June, but his agenda was unfortunately booked that day so hopefully, we can bring him back again so he can continue building the app he started on.

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